Tired of pesky and stubborn body fat? Fed up with long, boring workouts? Not crazy about starvation-based diets? Read this...

“Get Ready To Discover The Amazingly Quick, Simple Yet Highly Effective ‘Fat-Stripping’ Kettlebell Workout That Will Transform Your Entire Body…FAST!”
“These are the intense, yet hard-hitting, fat-melting and muscle toning kettlebell workouts that’ll transform you from 'Fatty Joe' to 'Lean and Sexy Dean!'”
“Who Says Dropping The Fat and Toning Up Has To Be Crazy Difficult? (Hint: It Doesn’t!)…”

Here’s the real truth, you’re reading this message for a reason…

More than likely you’re sick and tired of losing and gaining those same pesky 10 pounds of stubborn body fat. 

Or maybe you’re just looking for an alternative solution to losing weight and toning up without having to slave away at a gym or start another gimmicky “fad” diet.

“In simple terms, you’re finally fed up with the fat. Good for you… You’ve made the right step by landing on this page!”

By now you may have already tried various diets in your past, or even crazy or intense workouts like Insanity or even CrossFit. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, what you ultimately want to do is skim off your fat, build more lean body muscle…and most of all…do it in LESS time with LESS hassles.

Who really wants to change into their workout clothes, drive to an expensive gym multiple times a week, check in, workout, drive back home, shower and change again? Talk about tedious and time consuming!

And who really wants to follow a strict diet that only allows you to eat boring and tasteless foods, where you practically feel like you’re starving yourself? Yuck!

“Is that really a healthy and PRACTICAL way to live your life?”

I think you know the answer to that question.

The GOOD NEWS is, now there’s an alternative to the typical madness of working out at expensive gyms or trying to stick to insane diets…

I’m here to tell you that you CAN do simple yet highly powerful exercises right in the comfort of your own home (that only take minutes)…to rapidly melt of pesky body fat and to tone up your body.

And I’m about to show you exactly how to do it…

Hi, my name is Pat Flynn and I’m an author, minimalist, and fitness "mad scientist".

What I’m about to share with you is a HUGE fitness and “fat zapping” secret of mine. And no, this isn’t another fad diet, and no, you don’t have to do silly things like count calories or count your daily steps either.

This ONE simple workout secret is one that I not only use in my life to transform my own body, but also for my own clients. And it involves no crazy expensive supplement powders, no expensive gym memberships…none of that non-sense.

This secret is simple, yet oh so powerful…

So what’s this big secret?

Two Words: Kettlebell Complex

Getting excited yet? You should be!

“Meet Mr. Kettlebell: You’re Brand New ‘Fat-Stripping’ Best Friend…”

It’s true…

In fact, kettlebells were originally created in Russia in the 1700’s as a counterweight to weigh crops. As farmers continued to use them and “swing” them around, they found they got much stronger. This whole movement of tossing around the kettlebell spread, and as they say…the rest is history.

Now, I mentioned earlier my secret of the “Kettlebell Complex”…

So what exactly IS a “Kettlebell Complex” anyway and how can it benefit YOU when it comes to quickly dropping those unwanted pounds and toning up?

A Kettlebell Complex is where you do a rapid series of multiple kettlebell exercises in a row, and you do them back-to-back. When you do this, you’re working ALL sorts of muscles in a short and explosive period of time…and making fat burn off of you like raw meat on a hot grill.

To demonstrate this more clearly for you, watch this short video I put together for you below…

“What’s The Real Fat-Burning Secret Behind The Kettlebell Complex?”

What makes this so amazing and unique is you can get a full-body workout, working ALL the muscles in your body in only 15 minutes or less…and SKYROCKET your metabolism to burn off body fat at the same time!

In fact, even if you do only one of my most simple and minimalistic kettlebell workouts, your very own metabolism will actually be highly elevated for up to 72 hours AFTER you workout.

That means for 72 more hours, your body will continue to burn off unwanted fat throughout your body while you’re watching TV at home, hanging with friends, or sitting in at a movie theatre.

Are you beginning to see not only how powerful and effective this method of working out is…but also how SIMPLE, CONVIENENT and REALISTIC it is for you as a weight loss method?

I can assure you that after you do a few of these workouts, in a very short time you’ll see fat disappear, muscles will get stronger and more toned AND you’ll look and feel absolutely amazing!

You’ll be in awe of yourself…and your friends, family and even total strangers will be blown away by your sexy and toned body! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

“Step Into My Inner Circle and Get All of My Most Effective & Exclusive ‘Fat-Melting’ Workouts…”

For many years now I’ve been working one-on-one with clients and have had amazing results. But this type of personal coaching can be expensive. But now what I’ve done is created what I call my “Inner Circle” online portal where you can get instant access to all of my BEST programs, workouts, nutrition plans, recipes and challenges all in one spot.

And best of all, you get it all for a fraction of the cost you’d normally need to spend to work one-on-one with me.

Everything you’ll need to zap off the fat and tone up quickly will be available to you in the Inner Circle including…

  • Weekly Strength-Building, Fat-Stripping Kettlebell Complexes That’ll Burn MAXIMUM Calories In Your Body…In MINIMAL Time!
  • Full Access To a 30-Day Hormone Optimization Guide That’ll Help You Drop 20 to 30 Pounds Without Following Any Kind of “Starvation” Diet!
  • Full Access To Amazingly Delicious Recipes That Not Only Taste Great, But Are Absolutely Healthy For Your Body!
  • Ongoing Motivation and Powerful Mindset Strategies That’ll Help You Overcome Doubt, Fear and Self-Sabotage!
  • Full Access To Quarterly Challenges To Boost Your Muscles, Make You Ripped and Make Your Body Look Fit and Totally Sexy!
  • Full Access To a Small, But Private Online Support & Coaching Group Where You’ll Get All Your Questions Answered and Even Have Your Techniques Personally Reviewed!
  • And Just In Case…A SWEET “Zombie Apocalypse” Survival Guide. Hey, You Never Know What Can Happen, Right? 
“Let Me Show You a Quick Sneak Peek Inside The Inner Circle Members Area…”

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“What People Have to Say About My Workouts”
“You’ve Got One of Two Simple Choices You Can Make Right Now…”

You can continue wasting time and money on crazy fad diets, extreme workout programs or other gimmicky weight loss solutions…or you can get access to my Inner Circle and get all the info you need to finally trim up, tone up, and look great!

Remember, if you were to hire me for personal coaching to access this information it would be around $500 per month.

But now, thanks to the power of the Internet, online videos and more, you can access all my best information any time you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It’s like watching over my shoulder as I teach you exactly what you need to know…for a fraction of the cost. PLUS, you can do ALL of these exercises right in the comfort of your own home.

You have nothing to lose (except the fat!).

You can join my Inner Circle OR continue to struggle with weight issues, dream of “getting ripped”, or take the hard path to weight loss and fitness success.

I’ve made everything as easy as I can for you, now you just have to make the next step forward by joining the Inner Circle.

And the cost is a lot less than you’d think…

When you join my Inner Circle right now, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to everything for only $32 per month!

That’s only $1.06 per day and you can cancel any time you’d like!

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"I've Finally Found My Abs Again"

"Pat's Inner Circle is a great and super supportive place to learn. It's taught me so much about the proper way to care for my body and how less is often more. His workouts are just the right amount. They hit hard but don't long at all. I highly recommend you try it out!" - Lisa Hibbert, Certified Massage Therapist
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