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“Are You Ready To Fully Experience What Total Body Transformation Really LOOKS & FEELS Like?”

If you are, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you…

As you know, if you want to finally melt off all that pesky and stubborn body fat on your body, and to tone up…you have to earn it.

If you think you can do a few little exercises here and there, and maybe throw a vegetable into your daily “diet”…that won’t cut it. If it were that easy, everyone would easily lose weight and have the body of their dreams.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way and you know it, as much as you probably don’t want to admit it.

So what can you do?

Well, you can join a gym and slave away doing exercises on your own (and more than likely do them wrong and not get the results you want).

Or…you can try to learn the right way to diet and ‘eat right’ in order to hopefully lose the fat (Hint: There’s a much faster way).

The problem with these methods is this…

Working out and eating right are great, and they can give you the body you really desire. There’s no denying that. But where things go wrong is having NO sense of direction and not fully understanding the quickest methods and techniques to “shortcut” the entire process for YOUR body.

Let me ask you this…

“Would you rather slave away in a gym for 12 months, under

your own direction, to get a body that could really take

you ONLY 3 MONTHS if you knew what to do?”

And...what if in those 3 months you could melt off the most stubborn body fat, put on more lean muscle, and look as SEXY as possible…and do it all with SHORTER workouts?

Sounds like a dream doesn't it?

I’m here to tell you, it’s not.

In fact, I help clients just like yourself get out-of-this-world results in as little as 3 months time and time again.

Here’s living proof…

“I Want To Personally ‘Kick Your Butt’ To Help You Get Leaner, Stronger and Sexier In Only 3 Months…”

Look, I have no idea how you found this page…

You may have stumbled upon my website by chance, watched my videos online or even bought one of my books.

How you got here does not matter. What does matter is WHY you are here.

You’re here for one reason; you want to CHANGE your body.

And more importantly, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to get the results you really want.

I’m here to tell you, I can help you get to where you want to be. I believe that by working together with me, one-on-one via my private online coaching…

we can make you STRONG & GREAT.

This means not only looking great, but feeling great (with resounding confidence!) starting from the inside out!

All I ask of you is to trust me and my unique methods (Yes, sometimes they can seem a bit “out of the box”…but I can assure you, they WORK!)

We can work with whatever workout items you may have, in the comfort of your own home. One of the things I am an expert in is kettlebells, so if you have a few of those lying around, even better.

“So WHO Am I? And WHY Should You Even Trust Me Anyway?”

My name is Pat Flynn and I am often called (in my own mind that is) the world’s greatest online fitness coach.


Because I’ve helped transform the bodies of both men and women from all across the world…in 47 countries and counting.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, I can now do private, one-on-one coaching with highly dedicated and motivated people like yourself no matter where you live. And when you work one-on-one with me, you’ll get premium, high-end coaching that’s both intimate yet intense.

Bottomline: YOU GET REAL RESULTS because I work directly with you, and no one else. You get all of my years of knowledge, expertise, and insights in a one-on-one coaching program that’s tailored strictly to you only.

“Here’s How My Private Online Fitness Coaching Will Work With You…”

First, let’s get one thing out of the way really quick…

My private coaching is only meant for those who are determined, motivated and willing to put in the time and effort with my methods.

My coaching is a unique combination of LEARNING & DOING.

To start off, I’ll assess your movement based on a video I’ll have you send me. This will help me determine your baseline levels in many areas.

At that point, we’ll come up with several aggressive goals for you to aim for. Once those are locked in place, I’ll create a fully customized training plan (complete with a tailored nutrition plan as well) to get you fast wins right away, and to skyrocket your confidence.

“Many of my private coaching clients lose around 7-10 pounds in the first 2 weeks alone…and even set personal bests in their workouts!”

Over the course of the 3-month coaching, you’ll get full access to me via email anytime you need me. I’ll have you send me training and nutrition logs for accountability, and of course, I’ll help keep you motivated and pushing forward to your goals.

When all is said and done, my ultimate goal is to provide you the tools, power and knowledge so you can take full control of your life and health. I don’t want you to have to depend on me for your results. I want you to eventually fully depend on YOURSELF and your own strengths!

My job is to show you how do MORE with LESS, in just about every aspect of your life from fitness, to health, to eating and working out. We will focus on both the mental and the physical aspects, because lets face it…the mind is where it all begins.

“Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Can Expect To Achieve With My Private Coaching…”
  • Learn how to burn off stubborn body fat without having to count calories or starve yourself using another expensive “fad” diet program!
  • Learn how to build a warrior’s physique, double your endurance without long distance runs, and finally get chiseled abs again!
  • Lean how to master a handstand, do multiple pull-ups, or even set record-breaking deadlifts or squats for yourself!
  • Learn how to zero in on your own abilities of focus, clarity, and concentration for an explosion in productivity. Get more done in a fraction of the time!
  • Learn how to skyrocket your own self-confidence and self-esteem so you can be assertive in any situation or in front of anyone, every time!
  • Learn how to build a rock-solid (and amazingly sexy!) “Kettlebody”. Your kettlebell will become your new best friend!
  • Learn how to add fuel to the fire of your own personal motivation and drive so you can push through when times get tough!
  • Learn how to balance your hormones, sleep like a baby, squash your stress, and take your daily energy levels to new heights!
“Let’s See If We’re a Perfect Fit For Each Other…”

You can be a complete “newbie” to exercise, or even a seasoned weight lifter or athlete. No matter what your fitness level is, we will customize the entire 3-month coaching to your goals.

But please understand this…

I’m extremely selective of who I take on as a client, and the caliber of private coaching instruction I provide is not cheap. But I can assure you this, if you’re committed and willing to make the investment…it’ll be an experience that will completely change your life.

Before we begin, I’d like to connect with you and start a conversation…

There are a few requirements and expectations of becoming a client of mine. These are nothing unreasonable for you, but I do believe it will determine if we are a proper fit for each other.

Also note, my private coaching spots are very limited, and I may or may not have any available at the time. But if you’re ready to do this, and willing to take that first step, be sure to fill out the form below…

I look forward to hearing from you!

Pat Flynn

Email Me at With The Subject Line of 
"Online Coaching."

I Will Get Back to You Within 48 Hours.
5 Things You Need to Know Before Working With Pat Flynn:

1. My Coaching Program Has a 93% Rate of Success. That Is (Very) High.

2. I Am a Fair, But Demanding Coach.
3. I Criticize Because I Care.

4. I Am Expensive But Worth It.

5. So Are You. (Worth It, I Mean.)
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