My Private Online Coaching Is Expensive, Exclusive, and a Hell of a Lot of Work.

So, It's Not For Everybody. 

But If You're Seriously Interested In Figuring Out What You Need To Do To Get Results,
You're In The Right Spot.
We All Need Coaches.
Whereas personal training is mostly a form of overpriced babysitting for adults, the coaching process is quite a bit different, especially online. 

I won't hold your hand as you do every single workout. I can't. Because it's online...

But what I can do is use my 10+ years of professional training experience to map out exactly what YOU need to do in order to reach your goals at rate that will be surprising to everyone. 

To give an example. 

My clients experience a 93% success rate. 

And given the nature of our industry, along with the fact that over 95% of people who begin a diet or exercise program on their own, fail--your chances are just way better with me.

And there are two reasons for this. 

1) My coaching process is expensive, exclusive, and a hell of a lot of work. So there's no way you're coming into this without a certain amount of readiness. 

That doesn't mean you'll be working out everyday of the week, or following some highly unreasonable diet plan. Not at all. I actually make things very practical for my clients. 

But coaching IS a lot of work in the sense that I need your full commitment and willingness to participate. To trust in the process. To be all in.

I'm upfront about this, because coaching is a process, and one that works both ways. I give you my all, and you give me yours. And if our level of commitment isn't match, then we don't proceed. 

Simple as that. 

2) Everything is customized. Your training. Your nutrition. Your supplementation stack. All of it. For you, from scratch. 

You'll know...

Exactly what workouts to do
Exactly how to do them
Exactly what to eat
Exactly when to eat
And exactly what supplements to take, if any

And you just can't beat that, especially not when it's coming from me. Because all the guesswork is taken out, the path to your goals made visible and clear.

"Here's what you need to do, and here's how to get it done."
What I Can Help You With,
and What I Can't...
I am wizard at fat loss. 

This is why people like Dr. Spencer (world-renowned obesity medicine specialist) have wanted to partner with me on creating training and nutrition plans for their clients and patients.

This is also why I've been paid the big bucks to publish books, write for magazines, and talk at conferences all over the world.

Because I'm the best at what I do. 

So if you want to lose those last, seven stubborn pounds, I'm your man.

Or maybe you're just getting started, and want a serious surge of momentum out of the gate. If so, I can help.

Most of my clients lose between 7 - 10lbs within the first two weeks working with me. That's assuming, of course, they have that much to lose. 

Others come to me wanting to gain strength, muscle, mobility, and so on. And as it turns out, I know a thing or two about that, as well.

I said I'm a wizard at fat loss. But I'm also a sorcerer of strength training.

So much so, that it's not unfair to say I have likely gotten more people doing their first pull up (especially women) than possibly any other online coach out there. 

I make people strong. It's what I do. 

And I'm good at it because I have a process.

Which is something 99% coaches and trainers don't have. They lack a system for producing results in people. They're haphazard. Sloppy. Disjointed, random, and often erratic. 

And the reason I'm able to produce such good, consistent results, where so many other coaches and trainers fail, is because I have a systematized and proven approach for everything: strength, muscle, fat loss, you name it. 

Nothing is random. 

Now, every client is unique, with their own special plan, made just for them. But the process everyone goes through--from the initial assessment, to ongoing accountability--is why I am so successful, and why YOU will be, too.

So I'm the guy who can help even if you've already "tried everything." 

I can get you cut, or, if you want, I can put muscle on you, or even get you doing the splits. The only thing I can't fix, is something medical related. I'm a fitness guy. Not a doctor. 

And there is only one small contingency, to all of this. 

If you're going to solicit my services, you can't be an excuse maker, a whiner, or a crybaby. Because these are the people I can't help--that I'm afraid nobody can help. 

Such is why I'm picky about who I work with. Because I have to be. 

I have created a reputation of being one of the world's most effective coaches, online or otherwise, with clients all over the world. 

And I intend to maintain that reputation by working only with those who are ready to go all in.
Here's How the Process Works
Everything is done over email. 

Your application
Your movement assessment
Your nutrition audit
Your programming
Your logging
Your accountability

Because I've found email is what works best. 

So if you're looking for someone to have a gab with over Skype every week, I'm not your guy. 

Email works because we can take the time to hash things out. We can be thorough and we can give references and resources you can go back to, which are often lost over phone calls or Skype sessions.

Email also works because it gives me the time I need to lay out a functional, effective plan that is going to work for YOU.

I have only TWO rules, regarding our online, coaching-client interaction.

But I want to be clear: These are non-negotiable.

1) You owe me your logs and accountability report every Saturday before midnight. No exceptions. 

Coaching, like I said, is a process. And a great deal of that process involves weekly check ins and adjustments as we go along, if needed.

Because as you make progress, your program will need to be tweaked. 

This is not only for accountability, but to give me, your coach, the data that I need to keep giving you the right workouts and the right nutrition. Because without data, we're guessing.

And I don't like to guess. I like to be exact.

2) You can NEVER email me from your smartphone. 

I got this idea from a friend of mine, Andy Morgan. And reason I don't want you emailing me from your smart phone, is because my job as your coach is to grant you physical independence. 

When you write to me, or when you have a question, I want you to really sit down and think it through. 

Because that's the same courtesy I am going to give to you. 

I never answer client emails from my smart phone. I sit at my desk, and I think, so that I can lay out the best, most thorough response I have.

Smartphones dilute the communicate process and lead to dependency and an unwillingness to figure out anything on your own. I don't want that. 

I don't want you being a client because you feel you need me, or that you'd be lost without me. 

I want you to be a client because 1) you are AMAZED at the results we've been getting you, 2) you enjoy working with me. 

Whenever I take on a client, my goal is to empower you in such a way that within three months you should have just about everything figured out. 

Because coaching for me is not about repeat business. It's about referral business. 

So those are my rules. If you can't comply, then don't reach out about this until you feel that you're in a better position. And if you come in, and breach any of these rules, you will be relieved as a client. 

This may sound fairly strict, and that's because it is. But I take the coaching process seriously, because that's what it means to be a professional.
How to Apply
The application is below, but before you decide to fill it out, know this.

When you apply, I will...

1. Give you an idea of what we will need to do in order to reach your goals. I'll lay it all out--every single aspect of it.

2. Give you an estimate as to how long it'll take to get there.  

3. Give you pricing options. 

If #3 is a big hold up for you, then don't apply. (Online coaching with me is about the price of a new monthly car payment.) 

Now, compared to personal training, which often runs upwards of $1000-1500/mo, online coaching is quite a bargain. Especially considering how much more effective coaching is.

But still, it's a financial investment you're going to have to make, and should want to make, if you're serious about this.

Also, you won't get a spot right away. 

There is a wait list.

But the wait is never exceptionally long, and when you apply I'll give you an idea as to how long it'll be. 

Then, once your number comes up, you'll get an email with options on how to proceed. 

And if everything looks good, we move forward.

The minimum commitment for coaching is 3 months. 

Because that's enough time for us to make a lot of progress, and teach you the skills you need to really own this. 

Plus, if you're not willing to give three months to reaching your goals, you just can't be all that serious about it. 
One Last Thing...
If you're reading this page, chances are you know who I am and what I do.

It's likely you've seen the countless, successive testimonials and client transformations (like the one above) I share through email or put out on my blog.

So you probably already know that I can get you the results you want, and you probably already know that I can do it better than anyone. That's why you're here. That, I don't think you need to be "sold" on. 

But what's going on in your head, more likely, is you're wondering if now is the right time to do this.

So here's what I can tell you...

You plan on living another year anyway, right? So why not make this year the one you gain full charge of your fitness and health? The one where you finally reach your goals?

Because why waste it, or even worse, continue sliding further away from where you want to be? You ARE planning on living another year, right?

I figured as much. 

So don't let that year go by--and possibly hundreds if not thousands of dollars along with it--and NOT getting to where you want to be in life. 

Especially when you have an opportunity right in front of you--literally right here--that can turn everything around. By working with me. 

The application is below. And just know: It can never hurt to reach out.

Because as my client Anna (pictured above) once said, "I almost made a HUGE mistake by deciding NOT to work with Pat Flynn."
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